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History, archaeology, travel and shopping tips, personal memoirs – for fifteen years, in late 1980s and 1990s, Toni M. Cross contributed a weekly column on life in Turkey to the newsletter, Ankara Scene. This book presents 59 of her articles, illustrated in the manner of the originals, to share with a larger public her unique voice, her marvelous writing, and her great love of Turkey. Archaeologist Toni M. Cross directed the Ankara branch of the American Research Institute in Turkey from 1979-2002. Charles Gates is senior lecturer of archaeology and art history at Bilkent University, Patricia W. Ülkü, an educator at the DoDDS George C. Marshall School in Ankara, 1967-2000, and Ben Claasz Coockson, a free-lance illustrator and author.

“This book is a fitting tribute from her close friends to Toni Cross, whose humane, warm, and witty personality is reflected through her life-long engagement with the culture and people of Anatolia and modern Turkey. Toni had the precious gift of toning down hard facts of erudition with penetrating and ‘laughing' eyes, making them accessible to all she came into contact with, whether amateurs, young students, or esteemed scholars. Her natural curiosity and love to share opened new windows for many.”

Suna Güven, Professor of Architectural History, Middle East Technical University


Remembering Toni M. Cross


Editing the Graphics

Ankara and Environs

  • Welcome to Ankara
  • One Night at the Körfez
  • Roaming around Ankara: Spas, Sports, Recreation & Restaurants
  • Ambling around Ulus (with Patrica Leiser)
  • Ankara's Imperiled Temple (with Emine Caner and Pamela French)
  • The Mosques of Ankara
  • Çankaya Köşkü
  • Does Ankara Sometimes Get your Goat?
  • Bayram Byways
  • The Düğün and the Muhabbet: Traditional Turkish Entertainment
  • A Note on City Weddings
  • The Beauty of Bathing (with Patricia Leiser)
  • Unraveling Turkish Textiles
  • Happy Holidays in Ankara!
  • Get Away Weekends: Short Trip Ideas

The Black Sea . . . and Beyond:

The Black Sea Coast and Eastern Turkey

  • The Black Sea Coast from Samsun to Trabzon
  • What's Doing In . . . The Black Sea Coast from Ünye to Trabzon
  • The Yayla of Giresun
  • Living the Mediaeval Life
  • A Letter to Tuncer
  • The Empire of Trebizond
  • One Day for Trabzon
  • Three Monasteries of Maçka
  • What's Doing In . . . The Black Sea Coast from Trabzon to Hopa
  • The Valley of the Çoruh
  • The Kingdoms of Kars and Ani
  • Ani, At Last
  • The Heights above Sarıkamış
  • The Long Road to Sarıkamış
  • The Battle of Sarıkamış
  • The Owner of Mount Ararat
  • The Palace of Earthly Delights
  • The Land of Battles
  • GAP: Between the Past and the Future in Southeastern Turkey

Central Anatolia

  • The Land of Hatti
  • Hattusha
  • Yazılıkaya
  • The Romans in Anatolia, Part 1
  • The Romans in Anatolia, Part 2: "Mithridates, He Died Old"
  • Visiting Amasya and Tokat, Part 1: Amasya
  • Visiting Amasya and Tokat, Part 2: Tokat
  • Mevlana and the Whirling Dervishes
  • The Lake District (with Gary Leiser)
  • The Roses of Isparta
  • Afyon and the Phrygian Highlands

Western and Southern Coasts

  • The Hillside Houses at Epheus: Living the Good Life in Roman Asia
  • Bodrum for the Bayram
  • Saint Nicolas, Bishop of Myra
  • Cruising the Turquoise Coast
  • A Ten-day Cruise from Marmaris to Finike
  • Just the Facts . . . about Travel in Turkey: Fethiye to Antalya, by car
  • "Within-the-Citadel" - The Kaleiçi of Antalya

Modern History: Ottomans and the Struggles for Turkish Independence

  • Ottoman Images
  • August 30: Zafer Bayramı / Victory Day
  • Victory in Afyon, I: The Martyrs of Giresun
  • Victory in Afyon, II: The Harvest of War
  • Cumhuriyet Bayramı - October 29 - Turkish National Day
  • Straight Facts on the Straits: Before and After the Montreux Convention

American Archaeologists in Turkey

  • A Century of Archaeology in Turkey: the American Contribution





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