Estambol Djudyo - Una Koleksyon de Rekuerdos i İlustrasyonesJewish Istanbul - A Collection of Memories and Illustrations

Estambol Djudyo - Una Koleksyon de Rekuerdos i İlustrasyones Roz Kohen
Estambol Djudyo - Una Koleksyon de Rekuerdos i
Estambol Djudyo - Una Koleksyon de Rekuerdos i
Estambol Djudyo - Una Koleksyon de Rekuerdos i

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Jewish İstanbul is about the folkloric culture of its Jews and their language that survived over five centuries within the perimeters of the multicultural city of İstanbul, throughout the reign of the Ottoman Empire into the 20th century.

It is about the journey of Judeo-Spanish, the language brought to the Ottoman Lands by the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal following the Inquisition and their expulsion in 1492.

The collection of childhood memoirs, originally written in Judeo-Spanish pay homage to this endangered language that was last transmitted to the Jewish baby boomers of İstanbul, while the life of the 1950s and 1960s still carried remnants of this unique culture with long history. The English translation is for the future generations to explore the language and the folklore of the Jewish İstanbul as it was once experienced by the multilingual and multicultural Jewish children of Istanbul.


Glosaryo / Glossary

Prefasa / Preface

Introduksyon / Introduction

"Yo So Romano" / "I Am Romano"

Letche de Azno / Donkey's Milk

Banyo de Chinko / The Zinc Baby Tub

El Apartamento Andjelo / The Apartment Named "Angel"

Mi Madre i la Estorya de Djoha / My Mother's Joha Story

El Enkontro / The Encounter

Purim / Purim

El Misteryo de la Guante / The Mystery of the Mitten

Mamuazel / Mademoiselle

El Mupak / The Kitchen

Sovre el Azno i Aznedades / About Donkeys

Leon el Barragan / Leon the Warrior

La Makina/ The Sewing Machine

Djamila "a Media Luz" / Djamila "at Dim Lights"

Un Paseo de Hamam / The Visit to the Hamam

Namer el Endevino / Namer the Fortune Teller

Un Meldado / A Memorial Commemoration

La Tant Sarina/ Aunt Sarina

La Butikade Musyu Navon / Mr. Navon's Shop

Los Sedakeros de Apollon / The Beggars of Apollon

Puncha Kulo / The Stinger

La Vavade Varna / The Granny from Varna

La Partensiade Leoniko / Farewell to Leoniko

Ansi Pasavan los Diyas / Life Goes On

El Primo de Beyrut / The Cousin from Beirut

Sinema Andjelo Muevo / A Movie Theater Named Angel

Prinkipo / Prinkipo

Mansur el Loko / Crazy Mansur

Serenas de Mar / The Mermaids

La Jetée/ The Jetty

Ya no Bayla Mas El Lonso En Bostandji / No More Dancing Bears in Bostancı

La Lisyon Partikular/ Private Tutoring

Las Gözlemes de Madam Sima / Mrs. Sima's Fritters

La Haftona KeNo Komi / The Skipped Whacking

La Biblioteka/ The Bookcase

Un Balo i Su Pintura / The Children's Ball

Las Letras de mi Madre / Mother's Letters

La Fotografiya/ The Photograph

Indiana de Fierro / Have You Had "Demirhindi" in İstanbul?

Moda Mueva / Brand New Fashion

Las Dos Amerikanas / The Two Americans



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