One Man Show

One Man Show Seza Bali
One Man Show
One Man Show
One Man Show

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Seza Bali, based in Istanbul, photographed her father's extensive business card collection, amassed over a few decades as a salesman in Turkey.

Bali's book acts as a record of this eccentric collection, accompanying a new body of work to be exhibited in 2014. Bali writes in her artist statement: "My father retired long ago from this business. However, to this day he has kept all his envelopes and cards, even though he understands that they are no longer of any use to him. The mystery of his attachment to this obsolete form of communication, reference, and human connection-not to mention his unique archival system-is the source of inspiration for this new body of work entitled One Man Show."

17,50 x 24,50 cm.
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