The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp

The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp Rıfat N. Bali
The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp
The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp
The Best Known American in Turkey: Betty Carp

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This book is about the life of Betty Carp, a diminutive lady who had the reputation of being "the best known American in Turkey". Betty Carp started her career as a telephonist and typewritist at the American Embassy in Constantinople in 1914 hired by Henry Morgenthau, the American Ambassador at that time. She retired in 1964 after 50 years of service as an Attaché and Political Officer. During World War II years she worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of CIA with Allen W. Dulles that she met and admired during his assignment in Constantinople in the years 1921-1922.

Betty Carp was also deeply involved in charity work and the American Hospital in Istanbul where she contributed by raising money for the Hospital. This book covers her life as well as her correspondence with various friends and ambassadors and bring into the light the life and works of an extraordinary woman, unknown so far.


Chapter One: Lıfe Of Betty Carp

  • Part One: Rifat N. Balİ: Short Biographical Notes On Betty Carp
  • Part Two: Louise S. Bevens: Unforgettable Miss Carp
  • Part Three: Genealogy Of The Carp Family
  • Part Four: Memoirs and Articles On Betty Carp

1) Henry Morgenthau (1856-1946). United States Ambassador in Constantinople (1913-1916).

2) James Srodes, Author of Allen Dulles: Master of Spies, Recounts Allen Dulles (1893-1969) Stay in Constantinople

3) Joseph C. Grew (1880-1965). United States Ambassador in Ankara (1927-1932)

4) Elizabeth Peet McIntosh (1915-). Former member of OSS

5) Sally Swift, Reporter of The Washington Post

6) Naomi Matthews. Spouse of Elbert G. Matthews (1910-1977). United States Consul General in Istanbul, 1951-1952.

7) Elizabeth Lewis Cabot (1906-1992). Spouse of Ambassador John Moors Cabot, (1901-1981).

8) Willie Snow Ethridge (1900-1982). Author, Lecturer

9) Lyn Holmes Waters

10) Gamze Türen

11) Demet Öğleni

12) Prof. Oya Başak

13) John E. Merriam. Retired Foreign Service Officer. United States Consulate General, Istanbul, Head of Political Section, 1962-1964.

14) Duane R. Clarridge (1932- ). Former CIA Officer

15) Baroness Garnett Stackelberg (1910-2005)

16) Prof. Frances Trix - Anthropology Department - Indiana University

17) James W. Spain (1926-2008). United States Consul General in Istanbul, 1970-1972.

18) Thomas J. Carolan (1934- ). United States Consul General in Istanbul, 1988-1992.

19) Dr. David Cameron Cuthell Jr. (1953- )

20) Jake Eddy

21) Nezihe Şahinoğlu (1936 - )

22) Documents Concerning Betty Carp's Retirement from the Foreign Service

a) Superior Service Award Given To Betty Carp

b) "Betty Carp Acclaimed As "Living Legend"

c) Dorothy McCardle - "So What's The Status of Women In State? - All Up to Them, Says Aide"

23) Attorney Erol Uzsoy (1947 - )

  • Part Five: Documents Announcing Betty Carp's Death

1) American Hospital of Istanbul, Inc. Announcement

2) Obituary Published in State Magazine

3) Obituaries Published in The New York Times

4) American Hospital of Istanbul, Inc. Announcement

5) Order of Funeral Service

6) Letter of Phyliss Macomber, Spouse of Ambassador William Macomber (1921-2003)

7) Letter of American Board of Istanbul

8) Letter of American Consulate General of Istanbul

9) Anonymous Report On The Funeral

10) Letters of Robert Douglas Coe (1902-1985) to Dr. Warren Winkler

11) Circular Letter of American Hospital of Istanbul on Betty Carp Endowment Fund

12) Letter of American Hospital of Istanbul to Rebecca Latimer

13) Letter of Elizabeth Clarke to Dr. Warren Winkler

Chapter Two: Correspondance Of Betty Carp

  • Part One: Correspondance With Cornelius Van H. Engert January-April 1918 - Description of Constantinople By U.S. Naval Officer Robert (Boby) Steed Dunn (1877-1955) - "In The Days of The High Commissioners: Life In Constantinople As The Wife of An American Naval Attaché Pictures It In Letters" by Elizabeth Cotten
  • Part Two: Correspondance With Lyman and Elizabeth Cotten July 1921 - June [1958] - Maxim: A Night Club of Constantinople
  • Part Three: Correspondance With Lamott Belin April 1922
  • Part Four: Correspondance With Allen W. Dulles November 23, 1922-February 1923
  • Part Five: Correspondance With Allen W. Dulles April 1922-June 1925
  • Part Six: Correspondance With Admiral Mark L. Bristol October 1929-April 1938
  • Part Seven: Correspondance With John Van Antwerp Macmurray August/September 1936-December 1949
  • Part Eight: Correspondance With Allen W. Dulles September 1938-November 1943
  • Part Nine: Correspondance With Laurence A. Steinhardt August 1944
  • Part Ten: Correspondance With Allan W. Dulles July 1948-November 1969
  • Part Eleven: Correspondance With Robert L. Van Nice August 1949-November 1973
  • Part Twelve: Correspondance With Hamilton Fish Armstrong April 1951-April 1971
  • Part Thirteen: Correspondance With Rosa-Lucille Hart September 1956
  • Party Fourteen: Correspondance With Alfred H. Barr Jr.
  • Part Fifteen: Correspondance With Rebecca Latimer June 1955-November 1974
  • Part Sixteen: Correspondance With Theresa Goell February 1961-November 1972
  • Part Seventeen: Correspondance With Parker T. Hart 1963




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