The Repercussions of the Austro - Russian - Turkish War (1736-1739)on the Diplomacy and the International Status of the Ottoman Empire

The Repercussions of the Austro - Russian - Turkish War (1736-1739) Se
The Repercussions of the Austro - Russian -
Turkish War (1736-1739)
The Repercussions of the Austro - Russian -
Turkish War (1736-1739)
The Repercussions of the Austro - Russian -
Turkish War (1736-1739)

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Taking the War of 1736-1739 between the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Russian alliance as the pivotal point, in this book Selim Güngörürler looks at the patterns of and changes in diplomatic relations, perceptions of power, and factional rivalry. By using Ottoman chronicles, histories, archival documents, and observations of Europeans as well as the relevant secondary literature, he demonstrates how the international standing of the Porte and the political references used within the Empire changed dramatically through the course of the War, and how this new situation became one of the determining factors in shaping Ottoman-European relations and the Empire's domestic politics during the 1740s and 1750s


I. From the Pre-War PerIod UntIl 1736-37: The Ottomans' Fears and The AllIes' Self-Assuredness

1. The Background

2. The Surfacing of Ottoman Fears

3. The Empire's International Standing at its Nadir

II. The Years of War: The SweepIng Impact of The Unexpected Ottoman Success

1. The Ottoman Empire as Viewed by the Allies and in Europe during the Early Stages of the War

2. 1737-1739: The Ottoman Counter-Offensive and the Reformulation of Policies and Perceptions about the Ottoman Empire in Light of Developments on the Battlefield

III. Reflectıons Of The War On The Post-1739 Developments: The Reconfırmatıon Of The Ottoman Empıre's Great

Power Status

1. The Reconfirmation of the Ottoman Empire's Great-Power Status

2. Reversals in the Ottoman Domestic Policy Goals and the Underlying Reasons

3. Later Eighteenth-Century Historiography on the War

IV. The War and FactIonalIsm In The Ottoman Government: The War- and Peace-PartIes

1. First Seeds of Divergence

2. The Rising Factionalism and the Prevailing of the Peace-Party

3. The Peace-Party Leads the War

4. The War-Party Regains the Upper Hand

V. ClosIng Remarks



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