5678 - An Incomplete Catalog of the Medical Library of a Bibliophile Pharmacist / 5678 - Un Catalogue Incomplet de la Bibliothèque Médicale d’un Pharmacien Bibliophile

5678 - An Incomplete Catalog of the Medical Library of a Bibliophile P

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Explore the world of pharmaceutical and medical history by perusing the pages of 5678. Prof. Tekiner’s eclectic interests and historical expertise are exhibited in this exceptional booklist. Bibliophiles and scholars alike will benefit enormously from his carefully crafted collection. Select bibliographies are among the most valuable tools for historians investigating new research topics. For the field of the history of pharmacy, Prof. Tekiner’s work will be a guide for years to come. — Gregory Higby, PhD, RPh (Fischelis Professor, American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, American Pharmacists Association’s Honorary President 2021/2022)

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 Halil Tekiner’s catalog is a remarkable resource for anyone interested in the history of medications, treatment, pharmacy, and pharmacology. Derived from his vast library, it covers thousands of published works—both primary and secondary sources—across many centuries, many lands, many languages, and especially many formats, from the spiritual to the molecular and numerous steps in between. — Jacalyn Duffin, MD, PhD (Professor Emerita, Queen’s University, Former President of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine)

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